Monday, August 31, 2015

Starlooks August 2015 Looksbook - Review

This is my first Starlooks' Looksbook and I was super excited to receive it this month.   This month was the Resort Edition and like every month you receive three beauty products along with three gift cards for only $12.  If you read any of my previous posts you'll notice I've received Starlooks' other subscription box as well and so far I think I like this one more because it's a surprise each month, but the other box sub is great too if you like to choose which products you want to try each month.

 As you can see above the Looksbook also holds all the product you receive that month along with a small booklet attached to the box telling you the best way to apply each product with a picture showing how each product looks. 
 The product on the top left is their highlighter/blush duo in the shades Ritz and Tropic.  The hightlighter is a gorgeous and subtle golden shade for your cheek and eyebrow bones. 
   The product on the right is the gloss-finish lipstick in the shade "Jet Set" this is a gorgeous pinky peach shade and can be applied lightly for a bit of color or layered for more.  With this lipstick you will want to exfoliate your lips first though or you will see every line and chapped skin on your lips.
The last product on the bottom is their water eyeshadow in the shade Aqua.  I don't tend to like eyeshadows in this shade because I do have blue eyes so I used this on my whole lid and then took a brown eyeshadow to go over most of the lid except in the inner part of the eyelid to sort of dull the brightness down a bit.  I think I would have preferred this in a neutral color instead but I'm also not sure I like the texture of a cream eyeshadow they seem harder to work with but maybe I'm not using it in the correct way.

 Here are swatches of each product from left to right:
Ritz highlighter
Tropic blush
Jet Set Lipstick
Aqua water eyeshadow

In this photo I tried to use every product I received but unfortunately since I took these pictures at night the blush and highlighter didn't show up at all on camera.

I also received 3 gift cards with this subscription as well a $15 gift card to TORRAIN, a $50 gift card to VERSA swimwear and a "gift card" for $15 off when you spend $30 or more at 
THE LABORATORY.  I would have posted a picture as well but I forgot to take one, and unfortunately I will not be using these.  I think I would have been happier receiving gift cards to Starlooks or honestly would have been happy with just receiving the box itself.

If you'd like to try out their new Starlooks Looksbook you can do so by using my referral link if you'd like to by clicking HERE or you if you'd like, you can check out their website.

I received the Starlooks Looksbook to review and these are my own and honest opinions.

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