Monday, August 24, 2015

August 2015 Custom Starbox - Review - Starlooks


 This is my second ever Starlooks Custom Starbox and just so you know, if you decide you like what you see and want to subscribe to receive your own mostly Starbox, there are a few things that changed for next month moving forward.  As you can see below I have received 3 beauty products along with 3 different gift cards.  Next month they will be sending out 4 beauty products instead of the three and 3 Starlooks gift cards which will be a total of $20 towards different products, collections, etc. on

Longwear Eye Shadow

This was the first product I chose which was in the shade Gold Coast.  I chose this shade because I love nude eyeshadows and this one just looked like a beautiful color.  I tried to show a swatch of this on my hand but it just wouldn't show up too great, but I do have a photo at the bottom using only that eyeshadow.

I chose this brush because I had planned on using my Scheana Marie Starlooks gift card to purchase the pot liner, but unfortunately that product was sold out.  So instead I decided to test this out by using it to fill in my eyebrows.  I really like this brush, it's soft so when I do get around to buying gel eyeliner it won't feel like I'm gouging my eyes out, which of course is always nice.

"Gimme More" Volumizing Mascara

This was the last product I chose and I was a little disappointed in it.  It did seem to separate my eyelashes nicely, but I didn't notice much volume unfortunately.  I do have to say though, I don't know if I just got a bad one or not but I am not very fond of how this mascara smells.

This month for my gift cards I decided to stick with only Starlooks gift cards, because even though I got lucky last month I noticed that the other brand gift cards were very small amounts compared to how much the brands products actually cost.  That being said with my gift cards I purchased Scheana Marie "Soft Rose" Lip Liner, Masiela Lusha "Screen Ready" Lipstick, and the October Starbox from last year.

In this picture I used all 3 products I received this month. 

Overall I have to say I've really enjoyed receiving Starlooks and I think it's definitely worth $12 a month.  I love that you're able to choose which products you want to try out with this subscription and I also love the gift cards.  So not only are you receiving the products that are sent in your box, but you're also able to use your gift cards to purchase even more products to try out.  I was able to link the Liner brush but the other products I was not able to find on their website, but as soon as they are available I will be updating my post with those links as well.  If your interested in trying out the new Starlooks custom Starbox I'd love for you to use my referral link.

If you just want to look around their website and see what else they have to offer you can do so by checking out their website

I received the Starlooks Starbox to review and these are my own and honest opinions. 

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