Monday, December 15, 2014

One Direction Makeup kits - Review

Make up kits by One Direction are a great gift for any teen!  I received three kits in exchange for an honest review.  I may not be a teen anymore but I was super excited to receive these three kits.  These make lipgloss, mascara, and nail polish so much more fun.

(left to right) "Story of My Life", "Shock of Blue", and "Does He Know?"

This was one of the kits I received and the first one I tried!  This mascara is so much fun because not only can it be used as mascara but you can also use it in your hair for some added fun and color!  This kit came with three colors, "Does He Know?" -Pinkest hot pink, "Why Don't We Go There" - Shock of blue, and "Story Of My Life" - Amped canary yellow.  As you can tell from using these in my hair the mascaras come out very bright.  My camera and lighting didn't do the mascara much justice when using the mascara on my eyelashes but in person you can definitely notice and the pink does not look red in person like in my photo.  I was really excited to receive these not so much to use on my eyelashes but to put in my hair!  I mean who doesn't love adding crazy colors to their hair?  You also don't need to add regular mascara before the colored mascara because it shows up great on its own.

(top to bottom) "Kiss You", "Taken", and "Through the Dark"


This was the second kit I received.  These glosses are really neat because during the day they sparkle and a night they illuminate under a UV black light!  I wasn't able to try them with a black light seeing as I don't own one, but if you do that would be a fun and exciting extra to the glosses.  This kit also comes with three shades which are, "Through the Dark" - Electric glitter poppy that glows to neon red-orange under UV light, "Kiss You" - Orange glitter rush that glows to neon yellow under UV light, and "Taken" - Powerhouse glitter pink that glows to neon pink-orange under UV light.  These can be worn alone or can be paired with a lipstick for a bolder look.  Their lip glosses are made with natural oils and vitamin E so that your lips stay soft and hydrated.  These glosses are very pigmented although "kiss you" showed up more clear with glitter on my lips. The other two showed up pretty much as pictured.


Last but not least I received nail polish!  Out of all the kits this is the one that will get the most use.  I was really happy with these nail polishes, they did need about two coats for the opaque look, but they also dry really fast. These can also be used with a UV black light.  This kit also came with three nail varnishes and three glitter toppings which include, nail varnish: "Happily" - UV iced blue glitter, "Moments" - UV neon pink, "Diana" - UV 3D holographic, and glitter toppings: "Kicks" - UV snow cone blue, "Not Afraid" - UV electrified pink glitter, and "Star" - UV holo glitter.  These are so much fun! The varnishes look great by themselves but it's so much fun adding glitter on top for added sparkle.  In my photo I used Happily on my thumb and pointer finger, Diana on my middle finger and Moments on my ring and pinky fingers.  The blue pointer finger also has Kicks glitter on top, middle finger I added Star on top and my ring finger I used Not Afraid on top.

These can be purchased at these stores: 

Stage Stores
Beauty Brands
Lord & Taylor 

Also check out there facebook here:
Makeup by One Direction (FB)

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