Thursday, November 12, 2015

Starlooks October 2015 Utopia Looksbook - Review

This is my third Starlooks Looksbook and this month their theme was Utopia.  If you don't know what the Starlooks Looksbook is, it is a beauty subscription where you are sent three makeup items each month for only $12.  Each item sent is from their own collection of beauty products and can be purchased on their website.  As you can see below the makeup items you receive are sent in a cute book-like box that you can keep the products in which is super cute.  Each month you're also sent three gift cards that go towards products in their shop.

Attached to the box are three pages that gives you tips on how to apply each product that you are sent that month.

 The first product sent this month is a cream eye base in the shade "Concrete".  This product can also be use with a liner brush to line the eyes.  At the end of this post I've shared a picture of myself using all three products I received this month.  For this product I used it on my eyelid for a more neutral look, and also applied a darker shadow to my creases.  This product doesn't show up much on my skin but it gives my eyelids an even shade.  This product is very creamy but I haven't noticed any creasing.

This is the next product I received this month which is a cream blush in the shade "Abstract".  I've never used a stick cream blush before but I really liked this product.  In my picture I used it on my cheeks but I've also tried it on my lips as well with the gloss and it was just a nice.

 This was the last product I received this month which is a gloss in the shade "Ideal"  unfortunately my camera didn't capture the correct shade.   I really like their glosses because they are not sticky and every gloss of theirs that I've tried has been very pretty when applied.

Swatches from left to right:

Cream blush - Abstract
Lip gloss - Ideal
Cream base shadow - Concrete 

 In this photo I used all three products sent this month and I really liked them all.  To me every box I receive seems to get better and better and I love that you can use all three products for one look.

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I received the Starlooks Looksbook to review and these are my own and honest opinions.

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