Monday, November 23, 2015

November 2015 Birchbox - Review

If you don't know already Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box service.  Each month you pay $10 and you are then shipped 5 beauty, grooming, and/or lifestyle samples that are personalized towards you.  Birchbox also has their own shop which you can use the points you accumulate from reviewing the products you get each month to purchase products you love or maybe to try something new.  For each product that you review you will receive 10 points and for every 100 points you get will equal to $10 in the Birchbox shop

 Every box comes with a card in it which tells you each product you've received.  Under each product it also tells you about each product and how much the full-size of each will cost.


This was the first product I received this month.  I really wish the perfume samples all came in either roller-ball or spray packaging because I had a really hard time getting this one open.  I actually liked the scent for this one, at first, unfortunately after an hour or so the fragrance was way too over powering and ended up giving me a terrible headache so I will not be using this perfume anymore.  The full-size of this perfume is $85.

This was the next product I received this month and one I was excited about.  Asides from the tiny product size the samples are super cute.  I always like receiving theBalm products because they are always nicely pigmented and this one was no different.  The full-size of this product is $21.


This was the next product I received this month and one I have mixed feelings about.  First off, this product smells amazing in my opinion, but if you don't wash it off of your hands after using they will feel almost sticky.  I didn't notice it controlling frizz too much but I may just need to apply a little more product.  Still though I will continue to use this product even if it's just because of how amazing it smells.  The full-size of this product is $26.

This was the next product I received this month and another I was excited to try out.   I wasn't really fond of how this one smelled, but it did make my skin feel very soft and moisturized after using.  I will continue to use this product because it's a great scrub.  The full-size of this product is $25.

 This is the last product I received this month and also my sample choice.  Birchbox recently started their own makeup line and this was one of the products sampled this month.  I was most excited about this product because I love berry shades and this one was gorgeous.  I do wish the product size was bigger though considering this is the full-size, but I will be repurchasing this once I run out.  A great thing about this product is that it's not drying and if you have chapped lips like I tend to it doesn't highlight that which is great.  The full-size of this product is $8, but a set with all three shades is $18.

Overall I think my box this month was amazing, especially since there will be only one product I won't be using out of the five that I received.  If you'd love to join me in receiving Birchbox each month you can use my referral link by going HERE!

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