Monday, July 27, 2015

July 2015 Custom Starbox - Review - Starlooks

About a month ago I was picked to be able to review the Starlooks Starbox which I was super excited about because I had completely forgotten that I had even signed up to do this.  If you've never heard of Starlooks' subscription service before they have two different boxes to choose from.  One of their boxes to choose from is the Looksbook membership which sends you 3 of their Perfect Size cosmetics along with a travel-size "book" that holds those three products and a tips and tutorials booklet.  They also have the customizable Starbox subscription, which is the one I have received.   For the customizable Starbox you get to choose the 3 Perfect Size cosmetics plus 3 Fashion/Lifestyle brand gift cards.  Both subscriptions are $12 a month.  Each month your order is processed by the first of the month and you have until the 10th to choose your items, and on the 20th is when they begin shipping out boxes.

The first thing I noticed when I received my Starbox was how tiny the box itself was.  The packaging is really cute and I love how they don't just throw everything in the box, but they put all the products inside a little cute bag and the gift cards in an envelope.

The first item I chose was their Lip Gloss in the shade "Mad Crush".  The lighting in my house is terrible so my picture doesn't give off it's true color, but it seems more of like a dusty rose shade.  On me this is about a shade or two darker than my natural lip color.  I'm not usually a fan of lip glosses but I'm really liking this one so far because it's not sticky and it lasts a pretty good amount of time.

This is the second item I chose because while I love blush I don't have very many.  I love this blush it feels super soft when swatched and the color payoff once applied to cheeks is a gorgeous shade.  The swatch I did on my hand, pictured below, did not show up as great as when I applied with a brush on my cheek bones.  This may have just become my new favorite.  While I will most likely only use this as a blush it can also be used as a bronzer or highlighter.

This is the last product I chose and also a first for me.  I really wanted to try this product because I've never owned one like it before, and I thought it'd be something fun to try.  This product definitely has a lot of pigment but does blend out very nicely.  I also really like that it doesn't make my already oily skin feel more greasy.

These are swatches of all three products I received this month.  
From top to bottom: 
Rose Gold blush
Mad Crush lip gloss
 High Life liquid illuminator

The last few things I received were gift cards.  A $20 gift card towards any cosmetics asides from the Starlooks Signature Celebrity Lines which I used to purchase their cream blush in the matte shade Hot Passion.  A $20 gift card towards any Scheana Marie by Starlooks product which I used to purchase the Soleil Bronze Bronzer compact.  The last was a $25 gift card to ELEVENPARIS which I seem to of accidentally gotten two of.  I ended up using the ELEVENPARIS gift cards to buy a pair of BASRAF Natural Shoes.

My final thoughts on this subscription box is that I personally think it's an awesome box especially for only $12 a month.  I like that you're able to choose what items you'd like to try out for that month and which gift cards you want.  The one thing I wish was different are the product sizes especially since you only receive 3 products.  Although you only receive three small products the gift cards do help to make it better.

If you're interested in trying out the Starbox subscription I'd love for you to use my referral link.

I received the Starlooks Starbox to review and these are my own opinions.

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