Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 2014 Birchbox - Review

I have been with Birchbox for about 5 months now, and for the most part I am pretty pleased.  I was with Ipsy for over a year, and although I loved receiving it every month I realized I didn't always use the products I received.  This is why I decided to give Birchbox a try.  The reason I like Birchbox, nothing to do with sample sizes because they don't always send the best sizes, but I noticed with I tend to get more items that I actually use, I rarely worry about getting an item that doesn't look good on me since it's based more towards skin/haircare than makeup products...At least so far for me that has been the case.

Now that I'm done talking about WHY I'm with Birchbox, I'll go on to explain more about what it is.  Birchbox is a monthly subscription service for $10 a month where you will receive 4-5 beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples.

So, for the month of August they made it where you had the option to choose a sample, choose the Everygirl Box, or just be surprised.  I decided to choose the Everygirl box.

Each box comes with a card that tells you everything that should be in your box, what each product is, how to use it, and how much the retail price is for full size.


              I also received this product last monthThis product is a great leave-in conditioner, spaying it in while my hair is still wet makes it super easy to comb through my hair, which sometimes tends to tangle. 

                 This eyeliner works really well, it goes on smooth and lasts forever. The size of the sample was super tiny which made it a little harder to get the eyeliner out since you have to squeeze the tube. I think this eyeliner is great, especially for a more dramatic look. This product actually helped me to create the winged look easier, and I'm sure the full sized product would be way easier to use.

I've used this product several times since receiving it, and I really like how refreshed it makes my face feel.  Plus it's organic and less harsh on the skin than other facial scrubs.  I can use this several days in a row without worrying about it being abrasive to my skin.  This is by far my favorite product I've received in this months box.

I wasn't really looking forward to a perfume sample, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It has just the right touch of citrus and I absolutely love those types of scents. I have used this several times.

I love this body wash, I have been using this sample for at least a week now and still have half a bottle left! It lathers up really nicely and the scent has just the perfect amount of lemon to it. 

I'm so glad I chose the Everygirl Box! All but one of the samples I received this month were good sizes which I've gotten several uses out of each one.

If you want to join Birchbox, you can subscribe by clicking HERE!

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