Tuesday, September 22, 2015

imPRESS press-on manicure - Review


A few weeks ago I was told I would have the opportunity to review imPRESS Press-on manicure and I was pretty excited because I haven't liked painting my nails lately since every time I do I seem to mess them up only seconds after painting them.  I also wanted to try these out because I was really interested to see if they would actually last a while especially since years ago when I tried press-on nails they didn't seem to stick very well.  When I first received them in the mail I got more excited because the colors and designs were really cute.  I put these on about two nights ago and so far I'm pretty impressed, they haven't fallen off and don't seem to be coming loose either, they actually stick really well.

I received two different sets to try out and the one on the left is called Bells & Whistles and the one on the right is called Ecstatic Cling.  
Bells&Whistles came in a pale turquoise shade and accent nails with black, pink and pale turquoise Aztec designs.  This set comes with 30 ultra-shine gel nails and 6 accent nails.
Ecstatic Cling came in hot pink and also came with two little charms that look like they might be bows but I'm not sure.  This set comes with 24 gel nails and 2 charms.  The little charms also come with 6 sticky pieces so that you can reuse them. 


The nails come with ultra-hold adhesive technology and the best way to get them to hold really well is to press down firmly in the middle and then on the sides of each nail off and on for about 30 minutes and wait about an hour before cutting and filing the nails so that they stick well.

The reason I really like these press-on nails is because they don't damage your nails, no glue is needed and the removal is super easy all you have to do is pull them off.  These are the only waterproof, press-on nails and they last for up to a week.

imPress Press-On Manicure has over 40 colors, designs & accent nails to choose from and they only cost $6.99.  To see some of the nails they offer you can visit their website HERE and you can also check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube at @imPRESSmanicure 

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This post was sponsored by Brandbacker for my honest review.

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